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With our team of experts located around the world, FLG is close to our customers to support their industrial assets both in terms of operational and financial requirements.

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Delivering Savings with Quality

As part of its Trading Practice, FLG primary focal areas include gas turbines packages, engines and capital parts or complete plants with a particular attention to mechanical, control and automation systems.

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About Us

We are more then a trading Company

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Who we are

FLG International is a trading hub and a consulting management company with primary focus on Energy, Oil&Gas and Marine&Offshore

How we work

With strong experiences in the Capex and Opex segments and in the technology domain, FLG focuses on partnering with End-users, OEMs, and ISPs to develop and execute strategies and marketing plans to maximize the return of their industrial assets.

Our focus

Leveraging on a strong integration between the Trading and the Consulting practice, FLG works/collaborates with the different functional teams of the customer organization in understanding and defining their needs and build together the best solution for the specific lifecycle of the Customers’ Assets

Our Solutions

Focusing on defining and deploying Quality

Gas Turbine Packages/Plants relocation programs

  • icon Trading of New and Used Surplus Assets
  • icon Advisory & Commercialization’s programs
    • Appraisals & Valuation
    • Sourcing
    • Marketing & Sales
  • icon Project management for industrial site closure/dismantling
  • icon Gas Turbine Packages/Plants relocation programs
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Parts and repairs for the main OEMs controls

  • icon Sales of complete GT Controls new and surplus
  • icon Parts and repairs for the main OEM’s controls
  • icon Focus on Turbine, Excitation, Generator, Drives, industrial equipment
  • icon Comprehensive surplus stock including circuit boards, cables, EEPROMS, power supplies, HMI’s, other BOPs items
  • icon Global support: Field Service and Training
  • icon Supported more than 100 customers in over 40 countries, including several End-User’s plants.
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Our Projects

Helping our customers and our environment in Reusing Industrial equipments.

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Purchasing & Sale

Tyra platform in North sea : #2 Solar Mars, #1 Solar Centaur 50, #1 RollsRoyce Avon

Project Image

Purchasing & Sale

Combined Cycle plant with Solar Mars ex Bleachont

Project Image

Purchasing & Sale

  • icon Several GE, Woodward, Siemens , Rolls Entronics, ABB
  • icon GE MKVIE Project
  • icon Purchasing/Sale of several Fr3002, Fr5002B/C Engines/Capital Parts
  • icon Purchasing/Sale of five LM2500/PGT25, LM2500+/HSPT Engines
  • icon Purchase/Sale of fifteen Fr5001N/P and several Rotors/Capital Parts
  • icon Purchase/Sale of five Fr6000B Engines
  • icon Purchasing/Sale of four LM6000 PA/PC/PD
  • icon Purchasing/Sale of three Fr9001E Engines and several Rotors/ Capital Parts
  • icon Purchasing/Sale of two LM1600


Our impact on the environment

Green…Our Impact on the environment

Industrial plants, both in terms of mechanical and electronic technologies, represent a big part of the waste generated by the disposal process. FLG business model focuses on reusing gas turbines, relevant automation and control components, extending the life-cycle of the entire plants in which our assets are installed and bringing a great positive impact on the environment in terms of CO2 and energy consumption reductions.

Project by project and working closely with our customers we bring good things to our world.


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We believe in Knowledge and Experience and we can shape your next role around your Strengths while developing the new Skills critical for your and FLG success.

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